What Happens When We Feel a Change in the Climate

How to Replenish Yourself and Your Body

We often use plants for life metaphors. Life itself is full of so many unexpected things, and what often brings us to our happiest state are nurturing emotions such as comfort, contentment, and peace. Consistency is the lifeline of those emotions — consistently working to attain and maintain an environment that cultivates consistent expectations.

Here at Eleven26 Yoga, we offer a variety of yoga classes in King George, Virginia. We understand that life can be hectic and always changing, which is why we strive to create a safe, supportive, and consistent space for our students. In this post, we will explore how a change in the climate affects our emotions and why consistency is so important to emotional safety. Keep reading to learn more and view our list of yoga classes today.

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Grounding Yourself

Metaphorically, as seeds, we root in the environment we are placed in. We do not always have control over where our roots take hold, and we do not always have control over the conditions that nurture our growth. That’s okay — sometimes these conditions don’t affect our ability to thrive. We may grow stronger roots, increase trunk size, and expand our branches regardless of those conditions. But, are we truly blooming?

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The Reality of “Blooming”

Despite our eagerness to become a thing of beauty, whether that’s self-development, accomplishments, or deepening our personal ethos, we cannot simply “bloom.” When we don’t find ourselves blooming, we need to have the strength to grow our legs and walk to a place we can transplant ourselves for success. Sometimes we are doing all of the right things, but we need a little extra nourishment.

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Nourishment in our personal soil will look different from person to person. Still, we cannot fully find the beauty of our life’s photosynthesis without allowing our roots to drink up the rain of our tribulations, our leaves to receive the sunshine of our joy, our branches to encourage us to stretch out beyond our fears, or our trunk to provide strength for ourselves and others.

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Practice Consistency In Your Yoga Routine

Nourish your practice this month by being consistent and mindful, including shifting your focus or thoughts to intentionally be in line with your training. This could look like intentionally finding your yogi feet before every balance pose — as life presents imbalances, use your steady “roots” to begin finding strengthened balance in the poses that challenge you. Or it could look like practicing mindful intention setting — perhaps choosing to find gratitude in the things that help you bloom and dedicating your practice to them this month. Considering how sending our thoughts to the things that bring us joy or challenge us manifests the intention we set.

The Grounding Pose of the month — Tree Pose. The Peak Pose of the month — Compass.

Find the people, places, and things that nourish your soil so you can come out in full bloom. Live fully, laugh often, and love hard. Contact us at Eleven26 Yoga in King George today to sign up for a yoga class.

“May you always look forward, and may your love always be returned.”


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