Do You Find Silence Scary?

“Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence. When the mind has settled, we are established in our essential nature, which is unbounded consciousness. Our essential nature is usually overshadowed by the mind” - Patanjali

woman in yoga pose

The Sound of Silence

When is the last time you sat in silence? Did you enjoy it, or did you find it unsettling to be alone with your thoughts?

woman in yoga pose

The Importance of Silence and Stillness

Before we learned to speak verbally, most of our relationships were in silence; communicating in other ways with those around us. Now we find ourselves spending copious amounts of time trying to put our feelings and thoughts into words, allowing technology, work, hobbies, and acquiring more stuff to pull us away from the present moment. Sometimes we’re so busy filling our space with “distractions” that we miss some of the most important moments that can be found in silence and stillness.

More often than not we can find ourselves uncomfortable with silence. There are times when sitting in silence with another person is just downright awkward and we feel the need to fill the emptiness with words, sounds, and anything but silence.

women in yoga poses

Giving Time to Silence

When we are silent our thoughts and inner voice come forward. We can bring our awareness into our heart center, breathe, and notice the feelings and thoughts that come up. Sometimes our inner voice is validating of all the things that bring us joy: you’re a good friend, you make a difference in this world, you make others happy, and you’re doing a great job. Other times, our inner voice can be scary; it can be convicting. Acknowledge these thoughts as you breathe and listen attentively.

Rather than running from silence, give it time. Allow your mind to take up space. It is when we embrace the silence and become one with it that we are truly able to reconnect to our Source and know the peacefulness of God.

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